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ARC Sewer Corrosion & Odour Research
Linkage Project



8 & 9 July 2013, Traders Hotel, Brisbane

The SCORe Symposium, New Generation Odour Corrosion Management - Saving Dollars and Scents, was held on 8-9 July 2013 at the Traders Hotel in Brisbane.

Optimal management of sewer systems has been hindered by a limited understanding of several key in-sewer processes, and the lack of tools and reliable technologies to support strategic decisions and cost-effective sewer operation. The value of public assets is being diminished, as a result of corrosion, at an alarming rate of hundreds of millions of dollars yearly in Australia. The $20 million, five-year Sewer Corrosion & Odour Research (SCORe) program, funded by the Australian Research Council and many members of the Australia water utilities along with partners from overseas, is delivering highly valuable outcomes for the Australian water industry. This event explored these outcomes and how they have been applied within the industry.

The symposium covered the following four key areas:

  • Liquid phase controls
  • Gas phase controls
  • Corrosion control, prediction and coating performance, and
  • Odour and corrosion control through integrated management of assets

The program is available here.

PDF versions of the presentations are available below.

Welcome Zhiguo Yuan
Innovation in odour and corrosion management: An industry perspective Shaun Cox
Sydney Water’s Corrosion and Odour Management Strategy Greg Kane
Liquid phase controls - Improved knowledge and new tools Jurg Keller
Current practice of chemical dosing - Industry survey Ted Evans
Guidelines for chemical dosing Mehul Naik
On-line dosage control: Queensbury, SA case study Lam Vuong
New chemicals: Field trials of Cloevis Kelly O’Halloran
Gas phase controls - Improved knowledge and new tools Richard Stuetz
Ventilation design Josef Cesca
Odour sampling and analysis Gavin Parsci
Sewer odour characteristics Eric Sivret
Activated Carbon odour control performance Heri Bustamante
Application of SCORe outcomes to industry odour management Louisa Vorreiter
Corrosion laboratory studies Guangming Jiang
Corrosion field studies and modelling Tony Wells
Corrosion microbial studies Barry Cayford
Sulfide uptake studies Xiaoyan Sun
Coating systems New knowledge and new tools Marjorie Valix
Application of SCORe outcomes to sacrificial and epoxy coating problems Jerry Sunharo
Balancing between asset loss and mitigation costs Keshab Sharma
Network modelling: NOOS, Sydney Tung Nguyen
Modelling as a planning tool Jonathan Farrell
Knowledge management system Terry Anderson
Discussion of future directions Zhiguo Yuan
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